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Academics: M.A. Program of Study

Core Courses 
Required (12 credits)

Course Course Title
AAS 525 Research Methods in African American and Pan African Studies
AAS 610 Seminar in Pan Africanism: Research and Readings
AAS 611 Arts, Literatures and Cultures of the Pan African World
AAS 612 Societies and Politics of the Pan African World

External Experience (6 credits)

We encourage students to participate in the External Experience on either a domestic level via local and national travel or on an international level via travel to the Caribbean, South America, Europe, or Africa. The sites that students have considered include:

  • The Gullah Islands in the Carolinas
  • The Underground Railroad Project
  • Harriet Tubman Centers/Institutes
  • The African American Burial Ground in New York City
  • Quilombo sites in Brazil
  • Black London
  • Black Paris
  • Maroon Settlements in Jamaica
  • Great Zimbabwe Ruins
  • Goree Island
  • Elmina and Cape Coast

Students must take 2 other courses - for a total of 6 credit hours

Before registering for a course from list A or list B students must obtain the approval of their advisor and the chairperson of the Graduate Committee of the Department of African American Studies.

List A

Roster of Additional Courses Offered by or Cross-listed with the Department of African American Studies (Includes courses formally cross-listed with the Department of African American Studies. Where relevant, the Sponsoring Department is emphasized.)

Course Course Title
AAS 500 Seminar in African American Studies: Research and Readings
AAS 501 African American Sociological Practice, 1900-1945
AAS/HIS 510 Studies in African American History
AAS/WSP 512 African American Women History
AAS/REL 543 Religious Cultures of the American South (AA)
AAS 600 Selected Topics in Pan African Studies
AAS 604 Francophone African/Caribbean Literatures
AAS/WSP 620 Black Women Writers: African American/Caribbean/African
AAS 625 Seminar in African Orature
AAS 626/ANT 426 African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean
AAS 631 African Drama and Theatre
AAS/HST 634/434 /ANT694/494 Underground Railroad
AAS 640/ANT 640 Topics in African Archaeology
AAS 656/SOC 656 Seminar on Urban Research: The Black Community 
AAS 670 Experience Credit
AAS 671/PSC 800** Caribbean Intellectual Thought
AAS 681/PSC 681 Comparative State-Society Relations
AAS 690 Independent Study
AAS 700 Seminar in African American Studies
AAS 731/PSC 780** Militarism and Transformation in Southern Africa
AAS 765/HIS 765 Readings and Research in African History
*AAS/GEO 730 Seminar on Africa

*Cross-listing requested
* *Political Science will cross list as a special topic course on a semester by semester basis.

List B

Roster of Courses Offered by Other Departments

The following are examples of courses, which students may elect to enroll in subject to the approval of their advisor and the chairperson of the Graduate Committee of the Department of African American Studies. Enrollment is also conditional upon consultation with the instructor of the course regarding any pre-requisites and the suitability of the course to a particular student's academic interests and previous academic preparation. List B will vary from semester to semester depending on what is offered by other departments. As a general rule, list B courses give attention to the Pan African experience in a more limited fashion than those in list A, perhaps by devoting a unit of study over several sessions or weeks to topics which relate directly or indirectly to the Pan African experience. These include:

Course Course Title
EDP 684 Cross Cultural Counseling
EDP 777 The Development of Multicultural Awareness
ANT/WSP 553 Women in Social Change
ANT 756 Development Anthropology
ECN/WSP 558 Poverty, Inequality, and Discrimination
SWK/WSP 628 Human Diversity in Social Contexts
LAW 758 Civil Rights

Other options will be identified and added as the program progresses and as needs arise. The AAS Graduate Studies Committee will continue to foster networking with relevant departments targeted for cross listing. As this process continues, courses identified will be added to the standing list.