Griselda Rodriguez

2008 External Fellow, AAS

Home Department: Sociology


Griselda Rodriguez is a child of the African Diaspora, via The Dominican Republic and the United States. As a child of immigrant parents, she was fortunate to come into being in a familial context where traditional Afro-Indigenous cultural traditions were preserved in a U.S. context. Griselda attended New York City public schools all of her pre-college life and attained a Bachelor's degree in Human Development and Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies (LACAS) from SUNY Binghamton. Her experiences within the New York City public school systems created a need to delve deeper into the foundations of such an unjust system, and she thus pursued and attained two masters at Syracuse University, one in The Cultural Foundations of Education and another one in Sociology. Currently, she is a doctoral candidate of Sociology at Syracuse University. Griselda has dedicated much of her scholarly endeavors to unraveling the particular ways in which global capitalism, in its many manifestations, affect the lives of women of color all over the globe, with particular emphasis placed on Afro-Dominican women in The Dominican Republic.

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