Joshua Moses

2007 External Fellow, AAS

Home Department: History and Public Administration

Joshua Moses was born in the Bronx, NY and grew up across the Hudson River in Teaneck, NJ. He completed his undergraduate studies at Rutgers University in 2006 having earned Bachelors of the Arts degrees in History and Psychology. Josh's research interests include the Jews of the Jazz Era in New York City, American Society and Culture in the Late 1800's, Twentieth Century American Diplomatic History, United States Foreign Policy with the Middle East and the experience of Black Hebrew Israelites and Ethiopian Jews and their integration into Israeli society. Josh's short term aspiration after completing his Graduate degrees in History and Public Administration is to work as a Foreign Service Officer for the Department of State or in one of the U.S. government agencies involved in national security. After Syracuse he intends on moving to Washington where he hopes to secure a position that will allow him to work in the Middle East. In the long term Josh would like to teach United States history and International Relations at the collegiate level. Karla Powell Karla Powell graduated from San Jose State University where she received both Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Sociology (minoring in African American Studies) with an emphasis in Social Change. Karla is currently a graduate student in the Ph.D. program in the sociology department at Syracuse University. In 2005 she was the first place winner of the Graduate Student Paper Competition from the Association of Black Sociologists for her Master's Thesis work. Her areas of research and teaching interests are Black Studies, specifically Black Identities, Black Popular Culture, and Black Radical Traditions.

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