Rosanne Howell

2006 External Fellow, AAS

Home Department: Law


Rosanne N. Howell received her B.S. in Psychology from Stony Brook University in 2002. She stayed on for an additional 2 years as a professional staff member (RHD) before deciding to attend Syracuse University College of Law as a 1L. During her time as Stony Brook she worked as a freshman RA before becoming the Assistant Coordinator for the First Year Residential Experience where she was in charge of two campus wide programs (Welcome Wagon and the BRIDGE program), and then later became the Student Development Assistant and then a GA. In terms of research interests, Rosanne is interested in issues pertaining to women of color, on a professional level and in relation to their representation in big law firms; and personally in the Rastafarian movement which will be the focus of her seminar paper with Professor West. Upon graduation from SUCOL, Rosanne will work as an associate at Thacher, Proffitt & Wood LLP, in NYC.

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