Anita Simmons

Graduated: 2010, Masters in Pan African Studies

Thesis title: Sexual Violence: Access Denied. Studies in South Africa and Chicago

Graduate Student Information

Anita Simmons was born and raised in the Henry Horner Project Homes located on the Near West side of Chicago. She is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago where she received her BA in Cultural Studies and a Minor in Black World Studies. Anita's academic research interests include, but are not limited to Women and Gender Studies, Music, Art, and Literature throughout the African Diaspora, Black Feminist Theory and Black social, cultural and political movements. Within these broad categories of interest, she is specifically interested in the social, cultural, historical, and political formations that exist within each field. Throughout the African Diaspora, Anita is interested in the ways that race, class and gender intersect to create complex, non-traditional ways of analyzing, critiquing, and appreciating facets of the African Diaspora that are rarely explored. The possibilities for Anita's future are endless. She maintains that where ever her spirit leads her is where her heart, body, and mind will follow.

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