Halycon Westmass

Graduated: 2010, Masters in Pan African Studies

Thesis title: Challenges of anglophone caribbean feminism: Assessments of socio-cultural relevance

Graduate Student Information

Halycon Sealey-Westmass is from Guyana, a Caribbean country located on the coast of the South America. She lived most of her life, worked and did her undergraduate studies in Guyana. She received a Diploma from the Burrowes School of Arts in 1997 and a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) from the University of Guyana in 2001. In both institutions, she majored in painting and minored in fabric design. Halycon believes the conceptualization of deep artistic expressions is informed and dependant upon a sound knowledge of diaspora history. In this context, art functions as history in the visual form. Halycon¿s research interest is based on tracing connections, incorporating similarities and differences, of the African people¿s historical experience in the diaspora as it relates to the story of their art work.

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