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Jeanelle Hope

Graduated: 2014, Masters in Pan African Studies

Thesis title: Black, yellow, and shades of purple: Radical Afro-Asian collective activism in the San Francisco Bay Area from the perspectives of women in the struggle, 1966-1972

Alumni information

  • Recipient: SU Graduate Prize: Outstanding MA thesis; 
  • Recipient: Certificate of University Teaching, Future Professoriate Program; 

Currently, Jeanelle is scheduled to earn a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from University of California, Davis - Expected Graduation June 2019.

Graduate Student Information

Jeanelle Hope is a native of Oakland, CA; she received her B.A. in History and Africana Studies from California State University, Long Beach in 2012. Her undergraduate research primarily focused on the portrayal of African Americans in graphic novels and comic books. During one of the opportunities she had to study abroad, Jeanelle conducted research on Black Power in England, a project which went on to inspire the current trajectory of her research as well as her broader research interests. Those research interests include, African American women’s history, Black feminism, African Americans in the west, Afro-Asian encounters, comparative ethnic studies, and Black Power era organizations, including: the Black Panther Party, Red Guard Party, and Asian American Political Alliance. Currently, Jeanelle is working towards completing her master’s thesis, tentatively titled, Black, Yellow, and Shades of Purple: Radical Afro Asian Activism in the San Francisco Bay Area From the Perspectives of the Women in the the Struggle, 1967-1972. The work explores Afro Asian collective activism in the East Bay by examining the relationship between the Black Panther Party and Asian American Political Alliance. Moreover, this work grounds itself in the narratives of women of the respective organizations and it is their experiences that are highlighted and help unfold this history. Jeanelle is currently a Teaching Assistant, department representative and senator in the Syracuse University Graduate Student Organization (GSO), and Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) fellow. This past summer Jeanelle was named as one of the Central New York Humanities Corridor Visiting Scholars. Over the past semester she has been collecting materials from various archives within the region that will be used towards another research project that uses poetry by Black women and Black queer identifying from the Black Power era to broaden the historical narrative of the period. Following graduation in May of 2014, Jeanelle hopes to pursue further graduate studies in History and Ethnic studies.

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