Michael Orwa

Graduated: 2008, Masters in Pan African Studies

Thesis title: Debt-Slavery and Social Sabotage: IMF, World Bank, and Women's Health in Kenya

Alumni information

2nd Masters of Arts : International Relations, Syracuse University,Awarded, 6/30/2009
1st Masters of Arts: Pan African Studies, Syracuse University, Awarded, 5/11/2008
Certificate of University Teaching Recipient, Future Professoriate Program

Graduate Student Information

Orwa is from Nakuru, in Kenya’s Rift Valley province. He took his undergraduate studies at Kenyatta University in Nairobi from where he took courses in two departments thus: 1. History, Archeology & Political Studies, and 2. Kiswahili & African Languages He graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Hons) degree in July 2006. Orwa has a great interest in the African agenda particularly the politics and economics of the continent, and believes that it is time that a new generation of leaders emerged to redirect the continent away from the destructive paths of pre-independence hangover that has perpetuated sustained gerontocratic regimes. These leaders he feels must be informed by knowledge and a genuine desire to make a positive difference. An MA in Pan African Studies will enable him concretize his ideas, and give his intended African Futurist Movement a clearer vision devoid o The choice of his Doctorate degree, his says, must be informed and firmly founded upon the Pan African dream. In this regard, Public Policy is a doctoral consideration. Over and above all, and in addition to his innate desire to teach Pan Africanism, Orwa intends to see to the establishment of an international Pan African Institute in Nairobi to, among other things: (a) Coordinate Pan Africanist and related initiatives in continental Africa (b) Host the global Pan African community and scholars for research and seminars (c) Eventually see to the introduction of Pan African studies as an authoritative area of scholarship in institutions of higher learning To all these aspirations Orwa says: So help me God.

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