Stephanie Armelin

Graduated: 2011, Masters in Pan African Studies

Thesis title: “N.O. Time to Wait": The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on the Educational Experience in New Orleans

Graduate Student Information

Stephanie C. Armelin is from Baldwin , LA. She did her undergraduate work at Dillard University in New Orleans , LA where she majored in psychology. Stephanie received her BA degree in Psychology with honors in May 1996. Her research interests are education and the intellectual empowerment of (all) people of African descent, and how active involvement of individual communities will serve to empower people in Africa and the Caribbean, as well as the United States . Stephanie hopes to create an organization that will be a viable educational tool in the global arena. This program, tentatively called E.C.C.E.L. (Every Child Can Enrich Lives), would be an international organization in which young people of African descent would be given the practical tools that are necessary to improve their health and well-being as well as those of others in their communities on both an intellectual and an economic level. Stephanie believes that when young people who truly have the desire to empower their communities take full advantage of the educational process, true progress will be made. E.C.C.E.L. will be centered around the idea that children should be our focus and that THEIR success should be our goal. But, the greater message of the program will be that the purpose of one's self-empowerment always must be to empower families, communities, and ultimately the world. Upon completion of her MA degree in Pan African Studies, Stephanie plans to continue on to receive a PhD in African-American Studies.

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