Tanara Haynes

Graduated: 2011, Masters in Pan African Studies

Thesis title: Reclaiming the legitimacy of indigenous knowledge systems with specific reference to traditional healing and community mobilization to combat HIV/AIDS in Uganda

Graduate Student Information

Tanara L. Haynes was born in Fort Hood, Texas and now resides in Waldorf, Maryland. She did her undergraduate work at Howard University in Washington, D.C. where she majored in Broadcast Journalism. Tanara¿received her BA degree in Broadcast with honors from Howard University in May of 2009. ¿Her intentions are to learn about the history of blacks and to analyze how they are portrayed in the media through out the Diaspora. Tanara hopes to travel the world and study more about African people. She believes that it is her duty and responsibility to bring about change in her community here in the states and abroad. Upon completion of her MA degree in Pan African Studies, Tanara plans to focus on teaching full time in areas like Washington, D.C. She hopes to one day open up her own community center so that she can further help empower the black community.

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