Opportunities with SU Abroad

SU Abroad, one of the highest-quality international study programs in the country, prepares students for the world by immersing them in the world. The Department of African American Studies offers the following joint programs with SU Abroad:

From the SU Abroad page:

Paris Noir is James Baldwin, Josephine Baker, Aime Cesaire, Chester Himes, Richard Wright, Jessie Fauset, and Jake Lamar. Paris Noir is an amazing five-week program that involves its participants and exposes them to an unforgettable international experience. This program is intended for students of all disciplines, cultures and nationalities who wish to examine the strong influence Black cultures have had on Paris and the world. The seminar encourages you to explore the theme from a variety of disciplinary stances. You’ll exchange ideas with some of the most influential Black artists, writers, scholars, journalists and community activists, as well as people from the world of politics, fashion, and music. Like a jazz composition, the seminar is arranged to convey variations and diverse interpretations of the Paris Noir theme. The Paris Noir seminar meets at the famous Café de Flore.

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The program will explore the complex relationship between civil society and cultural politics in contemporary Brazil with a focus on human rights, grass-root social movements, art and culture, and civil society (nongovernmental organizations). Students will explore how local advocacy groups and nongovernmental organizations work to promote and advance grassroots politics, cultural productions (art, music, and film), and education.

The main site of the program will be in Salvador (Bahia) with a five day visit to Rio de Janeiro. Salvador is a cultural jewel and is considered the Mecca of Africans in the Diaspora. Its streets overflow with vibrant black cultural life, street performances by renowned artists and open air capoeira demonstrations. In addition to the rich social traditions, Bahia has some of the best organized and vibrant social movements in the Americas. Against this backdrop, Salvador represents an important site of social, political and cultural investigation, as it stands at the cross-section of culture, vibrant grassroots advocacy and contested local politics. Students will also visit Rio de Janeiro where they will also interact with grassroots groups and speak with local activist.

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